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Bishop Hogan's hot lunch program is in accordance with Federal and State guidelines and the Wellness Program. Menus are made to fit the regulations. If parents would like to have lunch with their child, please call before 9 AM so we can add you to the lunch count. Do not bring fast food items for lunch. 

Students will be issued a lunch card that may be paid weekly or monthly. The cost of school lunch is $2.05 and $2.70 for adults. The cost of milk is .30 if your child brings their lunch. Please pay at the school office or send money in an envelope that is clearly marked. We appreciate your staying current on lunch money.

Applications for free and reduced lunches will be sent home at the start of the school year. These applications are available throughout the school year if you financial situation changes. If your child brings lunch, they should inform the teacher during lunch count. Students may not bring soda, with the exception of Field Trips.