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How Does The Program Work?

We purchase gift cards at a discowited price that can be used at dozens of local businesses and many more nationwide. The cards are sold at face value, resulting in a profit for the school without costing you anything additional. You get to spend the full face value of the cards. The profit realized by the school comes from the merchants whose cards you purchase, anywhere from 2%-20%.

SOAR cards can be ordered in one of two ways on line at or by using the Paper Order Fotm. Cards ordered by 10am on Monday, using either method of ordering, will be available to pickup the following Friday. There are over 900 participating businesses.

Ordering Using the Paper Order Form

Commonly ordered gift cats are generally kept in stock and can be purchased after all weekend Masses or in the school office during regular business hours. A more extensive order form that includes cards not in stock is available at these locations.

Ordering On-line at is a convenient way to purchase your SOAR cards. You can pay for them online using PrestoPay, or download the order form and bring it to the office to pay within 2 days. All of the SOAR cards on the paper order form and many more are avilable at

1. Go to www.ShopwithScrip.cot, and click ou the Register button

2. Click Join a Scrip Program

3. Enter this enroliment code: 64866531.35291

4. Fill out the next screen with your information.

5. On the text screen, get up your PrestoPay account. PrestoPay is a secure way to pay for your otder online by having your payment electronically deducted from your bank account.

You will be asked to enter a PIN. Remember the number--you will need it when you putchase and pay with PrestoPay

6. After entering your banking information, read the information on the next screen PrestoPay will make 2 small deposits in your bank account within a few days.

7. Check your bank statement or on-line banking account for these deposit amounts. Then vetify these amounts by entering them on the Presto! ay screen.

8. Once you have entered these 2 amounts, you will receive an email with your PrestoPay verification approval code.

9. Send an email containing your name and verification approval code number to baxter4200@gmail.cot so that your account can be entered in the Bishop Hogan system.

Your account will be verified by 10 am the next day (business days) and you will receive a final email letting you know that you can now place and pay for your order on-line.

Note: Emails from ShopwithScrip will be sent to you from

Log into your Shopwithscrip account and cirk on SHOP to see the list of all cards available by category. Or click on ATL. Categories for an alphabetical listing of all cards.

Select the cards you want to purchase and pay for them using PrestoPay. Cards ordered by 10am on Monday can be picked up the following Friday or at any of the weekend Masses.

Ordering and paying online eliminates waiting in line to fill out an order form and paying for it. Just give your name, pick up your order, and go!

There is a S.15 charge per order (not per item) when you order through shop with scripts.

Not all merchants offer all 3 ways listed below to puretase the gift cards so you can look at the website and see what the retailer offers.

SCRIPNOW (E SCRIPS) - when you order ScripNow they can be used as soon as it is sent to your email.

You can print off the scrip or access it through your smartyhone by enlarging the barcode and have the retaller scan it. The funds will come out of your bank aount within 24 hours.

RELOADABLE - you cannot receive the funds on your card over a weekend. If you have not used the card within 60 days that has a zero balance you cannot use it to reload. Just purchase another gift card through the school office, after church or order it on Shop with Scrips.

GIFT CARD - if you order a gift card through Shop with Scrips website it will be sent to the school. You will need to pick it up in the office.

LOCAL CARDS - Cards for HyVee, Sliced Bread Market, Jersey's, El Toro, Hicks, Grand Six Thea Corral, Chillicothe Meat Locker and Nico'z are only avallable locally.

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