Preschool Rates:

½ day Preschool          Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday           $100.00 per month (Total – $900.00 Aug. – May)


The additional registration/supply fee is $75.00 



 Tuition is handled by a third party vendor, Smart Tuition.   Payment arrangements will be made through Smart Tuition.  Applications may be picked up at the school office.

The tuition rates are:


Parish family (one child)                                             $ 2,808.00

Parish family (2nd child)                                              $    800.80

Parish family (3rd child)                                               $    457.60



Non-parish family (one child)                                    $ 3,569.28

Non-parish family (2nd child)                                    $    1001.00

Non-parish family (3rd or more) each child            $    657.80


Registration Fees

Registration fees cover textbooks, library, computer and other instructional materials and are to be paid by final registration in August each year or added to the child’s tuition.


$300.00 per year for one child

$375.00 per year for two or more children


School fees must be current on the payment schedule by the end of the school year or the matter discussed personally with the Principal before the conclusion of the school year.  Failure to pay all school fees or to make arrangements personally with the Pastor/Principal will result in the child’s final grades being withheld.  Also, a satisfactory arrangement is a prerequisite for admission for the next school year.(fees include: Band fees, Lunch money, registration fees, fund raising obligations, After School Care, Preschool Tuition and School Tuition).


Eighth Grade Graduates – all fees listed above must be paid in full, by day of graduation or by agreed upon plan with the administrator, diploma will be held along with grade card, records and transcripts.


Please keep your receipts for registration fees and your cancelled checks for tuition payments.  These are your proof of payment.




A $40.00 late fee will be added by Smart Tuition if your payment is late.  This will no longer be waived, so the late fee will be assessed. Please contact Smart Tuition if you have any questions.

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