I love that Oliver’s class will do community involvement activities like singing to the elderly in the local nursing homes and playing bingo with them, stocking the local food pantry and serving meals at the House of Prayer.  The kids at Bishop Hogan learn more than just academics, they learn morals and empathy!

Lindsey Goad, parent


I like Bishop Hogan because of the small class sizes and the sense of family that I know from going to school with the same group of friends.

Oliver Perry, student

At a time when my child was struggling, not only academically but emotionally, I reached out to Bishop Hogan in hopes of an answer.  No parent wants to see their ten year old child depressed.  He was begging me for a change.  We made the decision to transfer our son to Bishop Hogan.  The staff and students were all very welcoming and excited for him to start.  He has made so many new friends, improved his grades and is back to his normal self.  Family has noticed that he is back to the sweet out-going boy that he used to be.  We are thankful for Bishop Hogan saving our child.



As far as the quality of education and standards of traditional Catholic teachings are concerned, there’s no comparison anywhere in the region. We travel 40 minutes to send our daughter to Bishop Hogan, and it is worth every minute. The peace of mind that accompanies knowing your child’s education is both challenging and spiritually nurturing is invaluable! With our current preschool student, we’ve already seen great strides in the development of her focus, socialization skills and academic advancement. BHMS meets and exceeds the expectations of new parents, and makes a great effort to inculcate families into its gracious community from the first day.

Kate Vandemore, MBA ( parents)
Director of Media & Marketing
Habitat Flats | Tony Vandemore


We send our children to Bishop Hogan because immersing them in a faith based education is our optimal priority. BH provides a family atmosphere, where each child is treated with dignity, respect, and compassion. Mrs. Williams is an excellent communicator. She is constantly updating us on AJ’s progress and giving us ideas to continue to challenge him academically! AJ says the three highlights of his week are Recess with his buddies, Phys Ed with Mr. Locker, and Music with Mrs. Garr!!!! Alexandra loves coloring in Mrs. Lauhoff’s Class. She also loves singing, dancing, and creatively working through the alphabet. Every Tue, Wed, and Thur she gives us a brief demonstration of the musical gymnastics she picked up that day in preschool.

Melanie Warren , parent


I love Bishop Hogan because everyone is so nice. I like how the students are kind to one another, and we all help each other out.

Lyla Beetsma, 4th grade


In addition to getting a solid education, students at Bishop Hogan learn the importance of giving back to others. They get to participate in numerous community service projects that include things such as playing bingo with area nursing home residents, caroling, making cards for people who are sick, picking up trash, etc. As a parent, I truly appreciate that Bishop Hogan is helping us to raise kind, thoughtful, and respectful young people.

Lanie Beetsma, parent

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