School Rental Policy


School Rental Policy

Updated 01/04/2019

The primary use of the school facilities is for the educational instruction of the parishioners of St. Columban parish, then parish functions and activities of parish ministries. However, groups may rent the gym and cafeteria for non-parish sponsored functions if the event or activity does not interfere with a school or parish function. If it is a cultural event or activity for the local community, rent may not be assessed at the discretion of the pastor and facilities manager. All rentals are subject to approval by the Pastor and facilities manager.

January 4, 2019

Registered Parishioner – $500 (for gym, bathrooms, cafeteria, and kitchen for staging only)
Non-Parishioner – $650 (for gym, bathrooms, cafeteria, and kitchen for staging only)
Cleaning Fee for all rentals is $300 (includes three hours with three people). Any extra will be charged.

Kitchen Use Fee – $200 all rentals

Security Deposit – $1000

Cafeteria Only Rent – $250

Cafeteria Only Cleanup – $100

Cafeteria Only Deposit – $250

Contact the school office or Dorney Hecker at 660-707-2300 for more info.

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