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Education Week
November 14-19, 2011

Communities across the nation joined the National Education Association (NEA) November 14-19 to celebrate American Education Week. The annual observance, now in its 90th year, honors students' hard work to learn, recognizes the professionalism and dedication of teachers, support staff and other educators, thanks parents and members of the community who help students succeed, and rededicates the community at large to quality public education for every student.

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Brian Murrell
and 5th/6th grade.
Emily Constant
and 1st & 2nd grade science
7th & 8th grade language arts Denise Toole
and 5th & 6th grade math
Music teacher Mary Garr
with the Kindergarten
Father Angelo in daily religion class
with the 3rd & 4th grade students
Kindergarten teacher,
Toby Minnis, during planning time...

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