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Please call the school at 660-646-0705, or email us.
Preschool & After School Care - 660-646-3070

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

For more information on Community Service, Family Commitments, Insurance, Privacy Act, Discipline, Grievance Policy, Field Trips, Report Cards, and more, please download the complete Parent/Student Handbook.

A winter view of our school... taken 02 18 08.

Bishop Hogan Memorial Preschool and Elementary School, a ministry of St. Columban Parish, creates caring, responsible, knowledgeable youth through a strong religious and academic educational curriculum.

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TUITION FOR 2016-2017

Tuition is handled by a third party vendor, Smart Tuition. Payment arrangements will be made through Smart Tuition. Applications may be picked up at the school office. If you have a financial situation that makes it easier to pay in a lump sum at specific times instead of doing the monthly payments with Smart Tuition, please call the office.

Parish family (one child) $2500 
Parish family (2nd child) $600 
Parish family (3rd child) $300
Parish family (4th child) $250
Parish family (5th child) $200

Non-parish family (one child) $3200
Non-parish family (2nd child) $775 
Non-parish family (3rd or more child) $475

The registration fee will stay the same at $300 for the first child and $375 for 2 or more children.

Preschool will remain at $100 per month and $75 for registration fee.

The Sharon Shaw Guardian Angel Fund is available to provide tuition assistance in the form of a scholarship. Applications are available upon request.

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Contact the school for these forms:

  Bishop Hogan Enrollment Form

  Preschool Enrollment Form

The Diocesan School Office recommends the following order of priority for admission to an elementary school or preschool.

1. Children of parishioners;

2. Children from families new to the parish who were enrolled in another Catholic school at their previous residence;

3. Children from families registered in other Catholic parishes;

4. Other children, including children from non-Catholic families:
   a. Children from families with other children already enrolled;
   b. First child now reaching school age;
   c. Children registered on an approved waiting list.

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The primary responsibility for the education of children belongs to the parents. Though shared with the Preschool and the School, the parents' responsibility remains paramount. The greatest single factor in building a child's intellectual, emotional, spiritual and moral attitudes is the example parents provide in the home.

Some parent responsibilities are:

  • To attend Sunday Mass and contribute to Parish support through your envelopes.
  • To provide proper diet and balance of sleep and exercise.
  • To provide areas for home study and to encourage conscientious completion of assignments.
  • To insist that your child obey the regulations and principals of good behavior/manners.
  • To encourage the development of your child's individual talents and interests.
  • To build religious traditions and family prayer into your lifestyle.
  • To keep the Preschool and School informed as to special needs of your child and to read carefully all communications sent home from school.
  • To attend PTO meetings, take advantage of conference times and to request additional times as needed.
  • To read and support the regulations of this handbook, sign and return Admission Agreement form (blue sheet) to the school office.
  • To keep current with all school payments.
  • To make sure the child arrives to school on time and is prepared for class.


Because our school strives to be a faith community, parent cooperation and good parents-teacher relations are essential. As members of a faith community, our first instinct is to assume that all of us, teachers, administrators, parents, guardians, and other caregivers, have the child's best interest at heart.

While the Preschool and the Elementary School are excellent in many ways, no one within our community is perfect and problems and misunderstandings will occur. When a problem or disagreement arises, we will make every effort to contact you to clarify the situation. Parents, guardians and family members who experience problems, or who are confused with some matter regarding your child's educational experience, are asked to show similar respect by: a) striving first to learn the reason behind a policy; b) inquiring about the teacher's or school's understanding or decision before judging or forming an opinion. Those who are not satisfied with what they have learned are asked to approach the administration to investigate the matter. In this way, positive resolutions can be reached.

Parents and guardians are asked to follow these guidelines for expressing concern over our Preschool and Elementary School matter:

  1. If the problem involves routine procedures such as homework, class assignments, classroom or playground behavior or student-to-student problems, then the parent is asked to contact the teacher first. The best way to do this is usually through a phone call to the Preschool or the Elementary School where a message will be given to the teacher to return your call. For a variety of reasons, parents should not attempt to bring up a difficult or serious matter in front of other students while the teacher is on duty during the regular school day.

  2. If the problem is more serious, the parent or guardian should inform the principal in writing or with a phone call. Only signed notes or callers who identify themselves will be taken seriously. Due to school and parish responsibilities the principal may not be available immediately; therefore, patience in setting appointments or in expecting a return phone call is requested. Since concern for you child is uppermost in all our minds, we will make every effort to accommodate you and your concerns. We simply ask that you understand that many children and other parents may also be requiring our immediate attention at the time.

  3. All staff members of the Early Learning and the Elementary School promise prompt attention to problems, privacy in discussing matters, professional courtesy and respect when problems are presented, and a sincere effort to resolve problems in a Christian manner. That is, we promise to approach problems and misunderstandings in a manner that expresses genuine concern for the welfare of your child spiritually, psychologically, academically, and physically and also the welfare of his or her fellow classmates.

  4. With this in mind, parents and guardians are expected to show the same concern and respect for the staff of the Early Learning and Elementary School, as well as other children and families in our community. The following behaviors, therefore, are unacceptable within our community: we will not tolerate assaults or harassment of a staff member, student, parent, guardian or family member. Nor will we tolerate intimidating or verbally abusing any member of the community - in person or in writing.

  5. Commission of any of the above acts on part of a staff member will lead to appropriate disciplinary actions. Likewise, misconduct on part of a parent, guardian or family member may lead to a warning or one of the following actions: a) limiting or refusing permission to enter or use school grounds or facilities; b) asking that someone other than the person exhibiting poor behavior represent the child's interest on school matters; c) refusing to allow the child to re-register, and, in extreme cases, initiating procedures to ask the family to withdraw the child from the school.

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The mural at the North Entrance of the Preschool building is shown below. There are many more wall murals that have been painted over the summer to give the building a fresh, new look for the children. These are also pictured below! Stop by and take a look.

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The Bishop Hogan Memorial Preschool and Elementary School admits students of any sex, race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or make available to students at school. It does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national and ethnic origin and disabling condition (if reasonable accommodations on the part of the school, the disabled person could be accommodated) in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies and athletic and other school-administered programs. The Equal Opportunity Coordinator for Bishop Hogan Memorial School is the School Board President.

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Excessive absences, as well as tardys, can contribute to poor academic performance. Even a few minutes late starts the day off wrong for the student and is disruptive to the class. Therefore, we encourage students to be on time and to be present every day possible. Students who arrive in the classroom after 8:00 a.m. will be recorded tardy.

When a student arrives late, the student and parent must sign in at the office and state the reason he/she was tardy.

  • When five (5) tardys/absences are recorded for one quarter, the child's parents will receive a letter alerting them to the problem.
  • When eight (8) absences/tardys occur in one quarter, the parents will be contacted by the principal.
  • If the problem continues, the student may be assigned an after-school detention. The parents will be notified in writing when the after-school detention will be served.
  • If absences/tardys continue, the principal will contact the parents for a meeting.

The absence/tardy count starts over at the beginning of each quarter.

Any time the child must leave the school grounds for appointments, etc., the teacher MUST be notified in advance.

It is required that any parent or guardian taking a child out of the Preschool or Elementary School before the end of the school day sign the child out at the office.

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  Pre-K Handbook 2016-2017

The staff-to-children ratio is 16 to 1 (with aide). In preschool, children begin more structured age-appropriate learning activities, giving time for lots of social interaction with peers and teacher. We stress individuality, creativity, positive self-esteem, problem solving, building good communication skills, enhancing physical development, along with preparing a strong foundation for their next step, Kindergarten. Children MUST BE completely toilet trained before entering preschool.

Preschool hours: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. No lunch served.
Preschool will follow the Bishop Hogan School calendar. If a child is dropped off before 7:50, they are to go to the gym.

Parents are asked to bring snacks. Teachers will have sign-up sheets.

Preschool children need to be picked up no later than 11:40 a.m.

Students will need:
Change of clothing to be left at the preschool in their cubby compartment.
Standard sized back-pack, large enough for a 2-pocket notebook to fit in. This will be used to transport children's work and important messages from the preschool. This should be brought each time your child comes to the preschool.

Bishop Hogan Preschool is non-denominational and admits students of any race, color, national or ethic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities available to any student at the preschool.

To qualify for preschool, a child must be 3 or 4 years old and be potty-trained.

For the 2016-2017 school year, preschool fees will remain at $100 per month and $75 for the registration fee.

The Sharon Shaw Guardian Angel Fund is available to provide tuition assistance in the form of a scholarship. Applications are available upon request.

You will receive a tuition invoice at the end of each month. Please send your payment to school with your child in the payment envelope. Make checks payable to Bishop Hogan School.

Pre-enrollment is available yearly in March and officially takes place in August in the school cafeteria. Forms and other information are available at the Bishop Hogan School office, 660-646-0705.

  Preschool Enrollment Form

After school care is available from 3:00 to 5:00pm. Cost is $27.00 for one child, $25.00 for 2 children, and $22.00 per child for three or more. Drop ins are $6.00. Call the office with any questions 660-646-0705. (Prices on early release days may be different.)

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If there is an early dismissal for a teacher in-service, there will be no extra charge for students who are 5 days a week regular After School Care participants. For all other additional early dismissals including teacher in-service, such as for inclement weather, heat, holidays, special occasions, etc., there will be a cost of $6.00 from hours 12:15 to 3:15 pm. From 3:15 pm to 5:00 pm, regular rates apply.

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Vacation during the school term is discouraged. The principal and teacher are to be notified ahead of time if such vacation is planned. Assignments must be completed and given to the teacher at the end of the duly allotted time. Tests must also be made up if missed during this time period.

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Notification of early dismissal due to weather conditions will be reported on KMBC 9, KCTV 5, KCHI, 98.5 FM or 1010 AM. If you turned in the Message Alert Form, you will receive an email and/or text. Please note: our snow days do not always coincide with public schools. Please listen to announcements regarding Bishop Hogan.

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  • A child must be fever free for 24 hours, without fever-reducing medication, before returning to school.

  • If your child gets a fever while at the Preschool or Elementary School, a staff member will call the parent and the child is to be picked up within an hour from the call. A fever is considered to be 100.6 degrees C. We will not give a fever reducer because this may mask other symptoms the child may have. A signed parental form for Tylenol or children's Motrin medication will be required. All medication is to be provided by parent in the original packaging.

  • Children must have had their antibiotic or prescribed medication for one full day before returning to the preschool, or elementary school.

  • If a child has vomited or has had diarrhea the evening before, your child must be at home for one full day.

  • Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) - Child must be away from the Preschool or Elementary School for one (1) day if on antibiotics for 24 hours and depending upon the severity of the Pink Eye. The reason for this policy is that the children are in close proximity to one another and we are not able to adequately monitor the personal contact between children.

  • If children are found to have lice, their hair must be treated before returning to school.

  • Suspicious rashes and other symptoms may cause concern for the child or staff. If such things arise the staff may call parents/guardians to notify you to take your child to your physician for appropriate treatment.

  • Parents are asked to notify the school by 8:30 a.m. when their child is ill or will be late or tardy for the school day. Parents will be asked for symptoms their child is experiencing because these are reported to the health center weekly. When an illness lasts for more than 5 (five) days, we will need a doctor's release for the child to return to school. For other planned absences, we ask parents to notify the office and classroom teacher in advance.

The school will administer medication only after we have an Authorization for Medication form completed by the parent. The form will be effective for the entire school year unless the medication or dosages change. Prescription medication will be dispensed according to a doctor's orders. The parents are to deliver this medicine in person to the Preschool or Elementary School offices. Medication is to be in the original, labeled container from the pharmacy and should be unexpired.

All over-the-counter medications must be provided by the parents. It must be in the original container and will need to be kept in the office. These will only be dispensed after a Medication Authorization form is completed and on file with the office.

Emergency information cards are to be completed at the beginning of each school year. In case of an accident, a child will receive care. In case of a serious injury an ambulance will be called. Parents/guardians will be notified.

Health Requirements and Physicals - At the beginning of the school year health and immunization records will be checked to insure the immunization requirements set forth by the State of Missouri are met. The parents of any child not in compliance with the law will be notified. Children will not be allowed to enter the Preschool or the Elementary School until he/she is in compliance.

Physical examinations are required by MSHSAA of students participating in the athletic program. The Livingston County Health Office offers free sports physicals through the school to all students.

The school personnel will report to the Missouri Division of Family Services any suspected abuse or neglect of a child.

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Bishop Hogan Memorial School enforces a uniform policy. The details of this policy will be outlined below. These guidelines are to be followed, and parents will be contacted if a change of clothing is needed. We appreciate the parents' help to insure their child adheres to the dress code.

  • Solid white or navy collared shirts - may be polo or button down short or long sleeve
  • NO COLORED UNDERSHIRTS - ONLY white, navy, or grey allowed
  • Khaki or navy dress pants or shorts - no rivets or holes in clothing
  • Plaid, Tan or Navy jumper, navy or tan skirts or skorts - shorts are recommended to be worn under jumpers & skirts.
  • Plaid items may be purchased from Parker Uniform, Clifton's, or Ken Lauhoff
  • Students may wear navy or white sweaters, navy pullover sweatshirts, or navy zip-up sweatshirts (NO LOGOS) in the classroom.
  • Navy crew neck sweatshirts may be worn with a white polo shirt underneath.
  • Black, brown, navy or white socks must be worn with uniforms. Navy or white leggings or tights may be worn with uniforms.

Shirts must be tucked in. Appropriate shoes are required. Shoes may NOT have open toe or open heel. Shoes need to be tied at all times. Tennis shoes are mandatory for PE and gym use. Socks are to be worn at all times.

NO MAKEUP may be worn.

SHORTS: Shorts may be worn in the Fall until October 1st. In the Spring, shorts may be worn beginning the 1st of May (unless otherwise noted by principal). Shorts and skirts MUST be at least fingertip length.

Boys: Dress slacks, Dress Shirt, Tie
Suite Coat/Jacket encouraged, but not required. Tuxes not allowed.
Girls: NO low-cut dresses in front or back, 
NO spaghetti straps, NO halter tops. Wear sensible dress shoes.

Boys: Dark slacks, white dress shirt, tie
Girls: White dresses, veil, tiara, or circle of flowers

The preschool students are not required to wear the Bishop Hogan school uniform. Children may wear appropriate clothing that is comfortable and practical, blouses, tops & shirts. NO pain gang shirts. Children will have both indoor and outdoor play. Please wear appropriate shoes. Preferably NO Crocs or flip flops.

One extra set of clothing is required for your child to be kept here at the center. Consider your child's convenience when using the restroom (i.e. NO back zippers).

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When necessary, students may get permission to use the office phone during their class breaks or changing periods. Students should have their cell phones off between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:10 p.m. Student cell phones should be left at the door upon entering the school and placed in a designated holder. Teachers should confiscate any cell phone in a student's possession during the school day.

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The school newsletter "The Eagle's Nest" is published weekly. An updated school calendar is published monthly. Classroom teachers send a weekly newsletter home in folders. The folder is to be signed by the parent and returned by the student within two days after receiving it.

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Please check in at the appropriate office before going to a classroom. In order to minimize any interruptions to the learning environment, we ask that items for the students be left at the office. We always welcome parents into the school and classroom; however, please notify the teacher and office ahead of time if you would like to visit the child's classroom.

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An open door policy is always entertained. Volunteers, parents, guardians, grandparents, parishioners and civic resource personnel are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the Preschool and the Elementary School. If a person plans to be a regular volunteer, they need to complete "Protecting God's Children" training. Information on this training may be obtained at the school or parish office. Volunteers should report to the school office upon arrival.

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Parents of the Preschool and the Elementary School are to take an active part in the PTO. Meetings are held four times a year to inform parents of what is happening in our schools. The PTO. provides opportunities for both parents and teachers to meet. These meetings are held the first Thursday of September, November, February, April.


We appreciate the following businesses for partnering with us and helping our students connect their learning to the outside world:

Kindergarten: Bill Haynes, Chillicothe Plumbing Supply
1st/2nd: Jonathon Cooper with T&R Soils
3rd: David and Emily Mattingly with McCoy and Samples Dental
4th: Anne Jeschke Photography
5th/6th: Darren and Angie Lauhoff with Lauhoff Jewelry
7th/8th: Nicole Cleaveland with Nico'z

Emily Mattingly - McCoy and Samples Dental

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School Advisory Council meetings are held the last Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. Interested parents are welcome. Contact the Principal, Pastor, or any School Advisory Council member in writing to have your item placed on the agenda.

The 2016-2017 School Advisory Council Members are: Father Kneib, Pam Brobst, David May, Jill Pfaff, , Eric Witt, Stephanie Brobst, Angela Huwar, Kristy Lauhoff, Ike Holland, Kathleen Ratliff,,Malanie Warren

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PRE-K DROP OFF AND PICK UP PROCEDURES: Upon arriving, please use the north door of the red-bricked, Preschool building. Please sign your child in at the small table in the lobby. If the door is locked, you will need to ring the bell and someone will unlock the door. The doors are kept locked throughout the day; however, at arrival and dismissal time, they may be unlocked for your convenience. Your child can be dropped off any time after 7:45. If you bring your child before 7:45, you may take them to the gymnasium of the elementary building. Students may be signed out at the north door of the red building. Dismissal time is 11:30am.

Morning parking is on the East side of Trenton Street. Please cross the street with your child at the crosswalk. The 11:30 parking is on the street and in the parking lot. Again, please use the crosswalk for your child's safety.

BISHOP HOGAN STUDENTS: Bishop Hogan Elementary School day begins at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 3:00 p.m. The procedures to pick up/drop off students is for parents to pull into the school parking lot per this designated route: East on JFK, North on Easton, West on 10th, enter Parking Lot on North Side and circle around to the gym door. The gym doors will open at 7:30 a.m. and will be locked after 7:50. Students arriving after 7:50 may come to the south side door, where parents should drop off on the west side of the street (this will prevent students from having to cross the street). Students will be released from the gym door at 3:00 p.m. Students not picked up by 3:15 will go to After School Care.

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Flower and gift deliveries to students are not encouraged. Flowers and gifts will not be distributed until the end of the school day.

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Bishop Hogan Preschool and Elementary School students open and close each day with prayer. Preschool through 8th grade will have the opportunity to attend Mass with the entire student body each Friday. Each grade level will have the opportunity to attend group Masses or prayer services as scheduled. The students are expected to dress appropriately on the days they attend Mass. Parents are encouraged to attend along with their children. Bible, prayer services and reconciliation services will be held at appropriate times.

Occasionally throughout the school year, classes will be attending funerals. Sometimes students will be asked to serve at funerals.

Eighth grade students have an annual retreat. The entire school has a retreat on Holy Thursday morning.

The crucifix and/or religious artifacts shall be displayed in places of honor throughout the Preschool and Elementary School. There are multi-cultural images of Jesus, Mary, and other saints throughout the Preschool and Elementary School.

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Father Benjamin Kneib, Pastor (Religion - 5th thru 8th grade)
Pam Brobst, Principal
Leslie Holland, Administrative Assistant
Toby Minnis, Kindergarten Teacher (Religion - K thru 2nd grade)
Amanda Williams, Teacher 1st grade
Jamee Greener, Teacher 2nd grade
Jenny Buttman, Teacher 3rd grade
Donna Haffecke, Teacher, 4th grade

Joyce Blattner, Teacher Grades 5 & 6 / 5- 8 Math
Theresa Armentrout, Teacher Grades 7 & 8 / 5-8 Science & Social Studies
Mary Garr, Teacher Music/Band 5th-8th/Computers 3rd-8th
John Locker, P.E. Teacher
Belinda Bower, Cafeteria & Custodian
Dorney Hecker, Maintenance
Kathy Carlton, After School Care

Pam Brobst, Director
Mary Higgins, Pre-K 4 yr Teacher
Sami Lauhoff, Pre-K 3 yr Teacher
Marti Hawkins, Title 1 Reading

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Sharon Shaw Guardian Angel Program (Smart Tuition Aid)

Students attending Bishop Hogan Memorial Elementary School may be eligible for tuition assistance. Applications may be picked up in the school office, completed and returned for the process to begin. An interview will be conducted before the final decision is made. Father Kneib will contact you for a meeting. If you want to make your checks out to St. Columban's with your tuition payment, you may do so. Sharon Shaw Guardian Angel Program.

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Hot Lunch Program
Bishop Hogan School is implementing their hot lunch program in accordance with Federal and State guidelines and the Wellness Program. Menus are made to fit the nutritional regulations. Parents are encouraged to have lunch with their child. We ask that you call before 9:00 a.m. if you plan to eat so we can add you to the lunch count. Parents are asked not to bring fast food items for their lunch. Students may bring bottled water in the cafeteria and in the classrooms.

Students will be issued a prepaid lunch card that may be paid weekly or monthly. The cost of School lunch is $1.65, and $2.50 for adults. The cost of milk is $ 0.30 if your child brings their lunch. Please pay at the school office.

Applications for Free and Reduced Lunches will be sent home at the beginning of the school year. These applications are available throughout the school year if your financial situation changes. If bringing a sack lunch from home, please make sure the office is advised so you will not be charged.

Students may not bring soda in their lunches with the exception of Field Trips.

Brown Bag Lunch Policy: After 5 days of owing on lunches, the student will be served a brown bag lunch which will consist of a peanut butter sandwich and water. This will still be charged at the regular lunch price of $1.65.


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Mascot: Eagles

School Colors: Blue & Gold

Band is an elective program and is offered in grades 5 through 8. There is an extra charge of $35.00 a month for band fees, which is not included in tuition. Students must provide their own instruments.

The Principal is responsible for ALL Basketball Games (scheduling, uniforms, and recruiting coaches). All coaches will fill out an information form and will have taken Protecting God's Children. Two coaches are required for all games and practices.

All P.E. classes are held on Tuesday and Thursdays. All students in Bishop Hogan Memorial Elementary School are expected to participate in physical education classes. Students need to wear tennis shoes on their P.E. day. Kindergarten through 6th grade girls should wear shorts under jumpers or skirts for P.E. 7th & 8th grade will be allowed to bring activity appropriate clothing. Fingertip length shorts and t-shirts appropriate to a school should still be adhered to. If a child is unable to participate in P.E. class, a written parental or doctor's excuse must be presented to the teacher.

Extracurricular activities are intended to supplement our educational program. These activities are provided to contribute to the student's development of good citizenship, educational experiences and overall learning. It is a privilege and honor to participate. Students will be expected to display appropriate behaviors both during school and at all school functions.

Bishop Hogan Memorial School's 7th & 8th grade students have the opportunity to participate in specified sports with Chillicothe R-II. This agreement will be renewed annually. Participating students will be required to pay a sports fee that all Chillicothe R-II players pay. Students will also be required to have a yearly physical in order to participate.

The student contract pertains to all students participating in any sport, Student Council, field trips and school projects.

The student contract states that the student must:

  • Maintain a C average with no F's in any class, including music and P.E.
  • Show good citizenship with the school and at all school activities as outlined in the citizenship policy.
  • Keep all assignments current, there are to be no late assignments.
  • Follow MSSHA guidelines
  • Have the contract signed by parent and player.

It is the teacher's responsibility to send home notices about missing assignments in weekly folders. Students who have late assignments will not be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities until all late assignments are turned in by the following Friday. Parents: Parents accept the responsibility for seeing that their child maintains acceptable grades and if his/her grades fall, they improve. Students: It is the student's responsibility to remain current on all assignments and to exhibit good citizenship.

If a student grade drop to a D or F they have until the next week to bring up their grades.

  • Students will not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular activates until the following week when grades are checked on Fridays.
  • A conference with the teacher, parent and student is mandatory. No extracurricular activity will be allowed until the conference is held.

Field Trip permission slips will be sent home for each event and must be totally completed and returned within 5 days. Teachers are responsible for making transportation arrangements. Parents may be contacted for these trips.

The following shall occur on a field trip:

  • Teacher will offer a variety of experiences.
  • Each student riding in a vehicle must wear a seat belt.
  • Booster seats/car seats will be required as per guidelines stated by Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Personally owned vehicles used for Preschool and Elementary School business shall meet the following requirements:

  • Drivers must be over 21 years of age;
  • Drivers must sign the Volunteer Driver Information Sheet and must have completed "Protecting God's Children" training and have completed a background check;
  • Drivers must have a valid driver's license, a copy of which must be on file in the ELC or school office;
  • The Driver must carry liability insurance as required by State law. The insurance carried by the driver will be used before the Diocesan insurance comes into effect;
  • Each occupant must have and use a seat belt (or booster seat/car seat if the child meets the size requirement);
  • No one may ride in the bed of pick-up trucks.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR HOME BASKETBALL GAMES!!! If you are able to help at basketball games, please let us know! This year, all students need to have adult supervision during ballgames. Students need to be sitting in the gym watching the game or in the concession stand area. They are not to be left to play in the hall.

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Pam Brobst - Principal
Leslie Holland - Admin. Assistant
TELEPHONE 660-646-0705
FAX 660-646-3070

1114 Trenton Street, Chillicothe, MO 64601

General Information: kidsareus@bishophogan.org
Webmaster: annejeschke@gmail.com