Gift Card Program


SOAR is a unique fundraising opportunity for the parishioners of St. Columban Parish and Bishop Hogan Memorial School. The school can receive from 2%-20% from your total shopping amount without an additional cost to you.

What is the SOAR Gift Card Program?
The SOAR (School Opportunities & Academic Resources) program is being started to help fund the school’s needs of classroom air conditioning and technology updates.

How Does The Program Work?
We purchase gift cards at a discounted price that can be used at dozens of local businesses. Most of the cards are national cards and can be used anywhere in the United States. The cards are sold at face value, resulting in a profit for the school without costing you anything additional. You get to spend the full face value of the cards. The profit realized by the school comes from the merchants whose cards you purchase.

What Gift Cards Are Available?
The SOAR gift card program offers gift certificates from grocery stores, restaurants and retail stores with a 2%-20% return. There are a variety of stores available.

The Bishop Hogan Memorial School SOAR Gift Card Program Order Form lists many of the available cards. The form may be printed here or may be obtained at the school office. Usually cards are ordered on Mondays and are available on Fridays. Cards identified by asterisks (***) on the order form are usually on hand and available at the school office and will be sold at the back of church after weekend Masses.

To order other cards, just fill out an order form, write the number of cards desired in the white space below the denomination desired, total up the order, attach a check and turn the form in at any sales location.

Instructions on How to Enroll

Family Ordering Video

Family Ordering Explained

Bishop Hogan’s online ordering enrollment code is 6486653L3529L.

When And Where Can I Purchase Gift Cards?
SOAR gift cards may be purchased at the following locations and times:

After all weekend Masses at the SOAR table;

At the school office from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM on school days;

How Do I Pay For Gift Cards?
Gift cards must be paid for with cash or check. We cannot accept credit or debit cards at this time. Order forms for cards not kept on hand must be accompanied with a check for the full amount at the time of the order.

Why Should I Buy SOAR Gift Cards?
By supporting this program you help generate new income for the school at no cost to you.

Sharon Shaw Guardian Angel Scholarship:

Students attending Bishop Hogan Memorial Elementary School may be eligible for tuition assistance. Applications may be picked up in the school office, completed and returned for the process to begin. An interview will be conducted before the final decision is made. Father Kneib will contact you for a meeting.

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