Dinner Auction 2004

Bishop Hogan Dinner, Auction Gross Over $40,000
C-T Photos and Article, Paul Sturm & Cathy Stortz-Ripley April 20, 2004 The Bishop Hogan Memorial School dinner and auction fund-raiser which was held at the school on Saturday brought a crowd of around 300 and raised more than $40,000 which will be used for school operations.

The Bishop Hogan Memorial School dinner and auction which was held at the school on Saturday, was a big success bringing in a over $40,000. According to Jean Hinkebein, Bishop Hogan principal, this is the first year for the dinner and auction. “It was way beyond what we ever expected,” she said of the event. “We’re going to plan for next year.”

A crowd of over 300 showed up to support the school at the dinner and auction. All proceeds from the event will be used toward school operations. “We had a wonderful crowd and it all went beautifully,” she said. Hinkebein said that the school usually has several small fund-raisers to raise money for the school, and this year school officials decided to do a larger fund-raising event. She reported that the school plans to continue with the dinner and auction, making it an annual event, and not do so many small fund-raisers. Next year, school officials will begin planning the event probably in August and will be getting extra help for next year’s dinner and auction, according to Hinkebein.

“The biggest thing is the support of the community,” she said. The community was outstanding.”

The event began with a social hour and a silent auction. During the silent auction, several categories of items were set up in different school classrooms. Approximately 300 items were donated to the silent and oral auctions by different vendors and individuals.

Dinner was served by Bishop Hogan officials and was donated by Hy-Vee, Graves Menumaker Foods and Wonder Bread. Following the dinner, the oral auction began. Auctioneers for the oral auction were Mike Miller, Doug Bonnett and Dave May who all donated their time to support the school.

Caption:┬áDave May served as one of three auctioneers at the Bishop Hogan Memorial School’s dinner and auction which was held on Saturday. Over 300 items were donated by local vendors and individuals and were sold during a silent auction and an oral auction. More than $40,000 was grossed at the fund-raising event. Other auctioneers who volunteered their time were Mike Miller and Doug Bonnett.

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